Bike theft remains a huge problem, both in the UK and abroad. Every year thousands of bicycles & motorcycles are stolen. Unbelievably... More than half of all bike owners neglect to use any form of security!

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The shocking truth about bike theft in the UK...


It takes 12 seconds to steal an unprotected motorcycle


A motorcycle is stolen every 14 minutes.


Theft accounts for one third of insurance claims


Approximately 376,000 cycles are stolen every year in the UK


A cycle is stolen every 90 seconds


Only 5% of home insurance policies cover bicycles as standard

Statistics from Cycle Plan

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Independently approved

Sold Secure

Sold Secure is an independent, non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by testing security products.

The same methods of attack used by criminals on the street are replicated by Sold Secure in the assessment of security products.

Many insurance companies offer substantial reductions to those who use Sold Secure Approved products

Oxford is an official partner of Secured By Design (SBD).
As a police organisation working alongside the police service in the UK, SBD seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through good product design, as well other approaches which reduce the demand on police forces and help people live in a safer society.

Read SBD's cycle security tips here

Secured by Design

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Covers are a great deterrent and help to
stop opportunist thieves


Locks aren’t the only way to keep your motorbike safe.
Keep an eye on it, wherever you are

Oxford Tracker Vantage, allows you to track your bike if it is stolen or even if you forgot where you parked.

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Our top tips

Here’s our best advice for keeping your pride and joy safe from thieves

  • Buy the best lock you can afford
    and always use it

  • Alarms can be very effective
    but only work in conjunction with a lock

  • If you have a garage, always use it.
    Otherwise, cover your bike and set an alarm with a lock

  • Avoid parking in the same spot regularly,
    and secure your bike to an immobile object

  • Never leave your lock resting on the ground
    always lock it as close to your bike as possible

  • Maintain your lock