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Ground & Wall Anchor kit


The Oxford Anchor 14 Ground Anchor is made of hardened steel which provides a safe anchor point when fitted to suitable floors and walls. Designed to fit all Oxford chains and now Sold Secure Bicycle DIAMOND and Motorcycle GOLD approved, the Anchor 14 is accepted by insurance companies some of which offer insurance discounts.

  • Sold secure Bicycle DIAMOND & Motorcycle GOLD approved

  • Hardened steel ground anchor provides a safe anchor point for all chains

  • Can be fitted to concrete floors and walls

  • Fits all cable locks and Oxford chains up to 16mm link diameter


  • 4 x high security expansion bolts

  • 4 x anti-tamper ball-bearings

  • 4 x steel plugs to create an unassailable anchor

Key Features

HD Chain Lock

6mm Hardended
Steel Construction

HD Chain Lock


HD Chain Lock