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Zip Lock

Zip -Tie Combination Lock

LK150 / LK151 / LK152

The Combi Zip Lock is a super lightweight combination zip-tie lock.

We all know how handy the humble zip-tie is to use, well this is a zip-tie on steroids!

With a stainless steel core and combination lock you can thread it round practically anything, adding an additional layer of security to deter an opportunist thief. The compact design means it easy to carry or attach it to your bike or bag so it's ready to use whenever you need it.

  • Ratchet mechanism allows you to adjust loop to desired length

  • Button slider releases ratchet grip

  • Resettable 3 digit combination lock

  • Stainless steel core adds strength and prevents cutting

  • Sheathed in vinyl to protect paintwork

  • 470mm length

  • Lightweight - 73g